• Batch Image Watermark Batch Image Watermark

    Watermark your photos or images with batch watermark processing, select individual files or an entire folder with images to be processed.

    Brightness-Aware Watermark ColorBrightness-Aware

    First Watermark software to support Image Brightness-Aware Watermark Colors and Transparency.

    SEO Optimized WatermarksSEO Optimized Watermarks

    Create Watermarks which cannot be seen in Google Image Searches and get more visitors to your website.

Free Photo / Image Watermarking Software

Created by Photographers and Webmasters for Photographers and Webmasters.

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GFXMark Boxshot - Photo Watermark Software

Watermark your Images / Photos
and protect your copyrighted work on the internet

GFXMark is a Free Image Watermark Software for Windows with which you can Watermark your photos or images to protect your work on the Internet. GFXMark is the world first watermark software with intelligent Brightness-Aware Watermark Color and Brightness-Aware Watermark Opacity, with this feature your watermarked photos will always look good and have a visible watermark which is also not too strident. You can use GFXMark instead of Photoshop or Lightroom to watermark your photos, it's much faster and you have the brightness-aware option which is not available in any other watermark software.

Batch Photo Watermarking
Features Overview

Feature List

  • Copy Protect your Photos.
  • Add Digital Watermarks to your Photos or Images.
  • Text or Image Watermarks with transparency.
  • Select Watermark font, color and opacity.
  • Supports transparent PNG Images for Watermarks.
  • Add Single or Tiled Watermarks to your images.
  • Keep or delete Original JPEG EXIF Information.
  • Image Resize with original aspect ratio.
  • Automatic output folder creation for watermarked images.
  • Add custom suffixes for output filenames.
  • Keep original image sizes or resize them.
  • Direct Upload to Facebook.
  • Easy to use and very user friendly interface.
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.
  • Brightness-Aware Watermark Color.
  • Brightness-Aware Watermark Opacity.
  • Rotate Watermarks to the desired angle.
  • Diagonal Lines with custom colors and transparency.
  • Tiled Watermarks with vertical or cross alignment.
  • Add Border Frames to images for auction sites like eBay.
  • Live Watermark Image Preview.
  • SEO Ready Watermarks, which cannot be seen in Google.
  • Batch Watermark, process an entire folder of images.
  • Resize images without adding a watermark.
  • Keep original image format or convert it.
  • Manual Adjust Relative Automatic Size.
  • Online check for new updates.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions in a single setup.

Sample Watermarks